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Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)

Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)

Viktor Vaughn


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Housed in a Gatefold Jacket and Pressed on Double Silver Vinyl

Legendary artist MF DOOM (aka Zev Love X of KMD) opened up a lyrical wormhole with Vaudeville Villain, one of the most unique releases in a career packed with nothing but uniqueness. It is a concept album with plenty of high comedy, street technology, and hijinks, splashed artfully over next-school beats, which move freely in the spaces between electronica and Hip Hop, by King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill. Take a trip back to the origin of the Super Villain- an unanticipated time travel-machine breakdown left him stuck in the early 90s where he has no choice but to battle sucka MCs and carry out side-hustles so he can repair the time machine and go back to the future. All tracks feature original lyrics by DOOM, and guest appearances include: M. Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Lord Sear, Apani B Fly MC, RJD2 and more.

A1 Overture (Introlude)
A2 Vaudeville Villain (Prod. by King Honey)
A3 Lickupon (Prod. by Heat Sensor)
A4 The Drop (Prod. by Max Bill)
A5 Lactose And Lecithin (Prod. by Heat Sensor)
B1 A Dead Mouse (Prod. by King Honey)
B2 Rae Dawn (Prod. by Heat Sensor)
B3 Let Me Watch feat. Apani B. Fly (Prod. by King Honey)
Open Mic Night, Pt. 1 feat. Brother Sambuca, Louis Logic, Lord Sear & Rodan  (Prod. by King Honey)
C1 Saliva (Prod. by RJD2)
C2 Modern Day Mugging (Prod. by Heat Sensor)
C3 Open Mic Night, Pt. 2 feat. AJ Ready Wright, Creature, Lord Sear (Prod. by King Honey)
C4 Never Dead feat. M. Sayyid (Prod. by Heat Sensor)
D1 Pop Snot (Prod. by Max Bill)
D2 Mr. Clean (Prod. by King Honey)
D3 G.M.C. (Prod. by Max Bill)
D4 Change The Beat (12" Version)

  • $29.98

  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)
  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)
  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)
  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)
  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)
  • Vaudeville Villain (Silver Vinyl 2xLP)


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