Where's My Pyrex? (CD)

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Elcamino Links With Dutch Producer
Oh Jay To Cook Up Some Potent Product

2019 has been a banner year for Griselda Records. From recording their highly anticipated record for Eminem’s Shady Records to Benny The Butcher signing a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, they have made some major moves. However, the young shooter of the crew, Elcamino, has been largely ignored by the press and masses alike.

After dropping his self-titled debut at the top of last year, Camino appeared on almost every track on Benny’s A Friend of Ours EP. He then followed that up with a strong sophomore effort titled Walking On Water. This year the baby-faced Buffalo rapper has already dropped his third LP, Don’t Eat The Fruit, as well as the well-received Lot and Abraham EP, and he is mere weeksaway from unleashing Elcamino 2 on the world.

You would think that is enough to start getting on the media’s radar, but as to not leave anything to chance, he is dropping yet another project on September 27, Where’s My Pyrex? This offering is entirely produced by Dutch beat architect Oh Jay.

While the name may not be instantly recognizable to North American fans, Oh Jay is well known in The Netherlands and throughout Europe. The veteran DJ and producer has been a part of a number of Hip-Hop acts since as early as 1990. In fact, he received a Gold record for his contributions to the Brainpower album Verschil Moet Er Zijn. Much more recently he handled production duties on Milano Constantine’s criminally slept-on Attache Case full-length.

Let’s just say that what Elcamino and Oh Jay put together for Where’s My Pyrex? is about to have Griselda fiends falling out worldwide.

1. We Can Never Die
2. Back And Forth (feat. Duffle Bag Hottie)
3. Bullets From The Opps
4. Bottom To The Bottom (feat. Milano Constantine)
5. Crack On Broadway
6. The Night Shift (feat. Duffle Bag Hottie)
7. I Know Him
8. Change Spots (feat. 38 Spesh)
9. Ghetto Symphony (feat. Che Noir)
10. Wash My Sins Away


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